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Write and Author is interviewing Martin Vause, author of Amphitrite's Tunnel: is the mermaid's dream.

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I have been writing creatively since I was five years old when I wrote love stories! As an adult I trained to be a professional counsellor in the U.K. I also studied  psychology and have always been fascinated and inspired by human nature + emotions which form the foundation of all my stories. I love fantasy fiction, paper books and writing is my life. My life partner Claire supports me in this and is very artistic providing her unique created illustrations featured in 'Amphitrite's Tunnel is the mermaid's dream.' I am presently working on my next fantasy fiction book 'Astrilla's Promise' which continues and develops further the fantasy themes and characters explored in 'Amphitrite's Tunnel.'

These characters love with deep affection and heightened sensitivity, through imaginative stories which explore the scope of positive human emotions.

I live in the wilds of rural Northumberland, England with Claire and surrounded by beautiful countryside, peace & quiet I continue to write.

Where did you come up with the idea for your book?
From my imagination coupled with a love of Greek Mythology & Fantasy fiction.
Are you a traditionally published or self published author and why did you choose that path?
Self published at first because of greater opportunity then for greater artistic freedom.
Where do you see publishing going in the future?
I believe it will expand to become a direct link between authors and readers. 
Who illustrated your book and why did you choose to illustrate it as opposed to not?
Claire, my partner, illustrated my book. She is very artistic and believes in my writing.
What do you think of writer’s block and what do you do if/when you come down with it?
I would rather write nothing for a while until I become inspired again instead of writing drab stuff.
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When I was five years old at school and I was told to make up a story; I've never stopped since!
How often do you write and what is your process?
I constantly transfer imagination and daydreams to jotter pads.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Believe in yourself. You have talent if you dare to dream.
Can you create a writing prompt for us?
I've never done this before but...

A.T. FINAL!!!!!!Amphitrite's Tunnel: is the mermaid's dream
by Martin Vause

Astrilla inhabits a fantasy world where time is a three dimensional sphere, not a straight line from past, present to future. She doesn’t know how many past lives she has lived as organic memory will not contain so many beautiful fragments in one body. In this life she is both a mermaid and human yet she searches for reason and meaning within the seemingly endless age of perfection. Together with a powerful Goddess she fights to maintain a world where love has replaced hate and peace reigns supreme. Still lurking in the darkness is tightly coiled evil that didn’t die and was just resting. Hidden from the light the last monster broods and slithers until all that is worth living for is under threat. Mythological creatures, talking animals, and a myriad delight of mystical experiences await the invisible visitor to this realm that is yourself.

Complete with the poetic evocation of Sappho inspired neo- classicism ‘Sadwi the Deer Goddess’. All of my fantasy writing is brought together in this rare and secret nest of a book.

Martin Vause

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