Invest in yourself

Don’t write because you think it’s a way to make quick, easy money. There may have been some truth to that a few years ago, but not anymore. If you haven’t written before, get people, ones who will give you an honest review, to read it. Find out if you are able to write not just a compelling story, but possess the technical skills to at least come off as a competent writer. I do not have much of a literary education, but I do have a good ear. I can “hear” what I sound like when I write. I have read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy and know what a good story sounds like. I did a lot of technical research, educating myself on grammar and sentence structure, looking at how other authors wrote. The web is a powerful tool and teacher, but you have to put in the work.

If you decide that you are capable of writing a good story that readers will enjoy, then you have to invest in yourself. Most people forgave me for my amateur work when I started. They won’t do that anymore. There’s no more grace period for anyone. Hire a cover artist. Hire an editor. No, your friend who likes to read is not an editor (unless they are an editor.) Yes, editors are expensive, but the cost of not hiring one is even greater. Just make sure you vet them as best you can. Fivrr isn’t the place to hire an editor. Find one with a proper website with testimonials. Send them a short piece and see what kind of work they do.
You are going to get bad reviews. I don’t care who you are or how good your book is. Don’t let it discourage you. I’m sensitive. It hurts when you pour your heart out on a page and someone tells you it’s crap. Look at what they are saying and decide if their critique has merit. If so, use that to improve. If they’re just a troll, then move on.

If you don’t love to write, then don’t do it. It is not a job, it is a calling.

This writing advice comes from Brock Deskins, author of Amelia: Battle for Ardentia.

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