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Book cover design by Phoenix Moirai


Giveaway is for an ebook cover only. The winner may upgrade to a print cover for $125 or add a print cover to the package for $85.

If winner chooses to include or upgrade to a print cover, they must provide blurb, ISBN/Barcode, and exact final number of pages (to determine size of spine).

Winner will receive two revisions. Any additional revisions will be charged at $50 per hour.

Cover design includes two stock photos. Any additional stock photos will be charged at $5 per photo.

Must allow at least 6 weeks for finished design (including revisions). The winner can discuss receiving it sooner for an additional fee.

Winner will also receive 20% off any other services (including book layout, editing, book blurb or ebook conversion) during the time of production of the cover. This offer expires when the cover has been completed.

Winner has six months from the end of the giveaway to request their cover.

Phoenix Moirai

Andrew is giving away an ebook and a print book.

The Teacher: How to Survive the Teaching Profession Without Losing Your S**t (In Their Shoes Book 1)
By Andrew Mackay

Cheating, lying, cutting class... and that's just the staff!!
Why are teachers leaving the profession, skipping work with stress and dying less than a year after retirement?
Rachel is one of the high school’s best teachers. She gets on well with everyone. The kids like her. The staff like her less, but only because the kids like her and not them.
But annoying managers, obnoxious students, needlessly excessive paperwork, useless training sessions and catastrophic amounts of marking have Rachel wondering if she should just quit and pursue her dreams of becoming a writer.
Meet fresh-faced and eager journalist Joy Attwood. She's about to spend the day with Rachel to discover what being a high school teacher is really like. No frills, no red carpet, no gimmicks - just straight into the S#!T!
Rachel will reveal all her underhand tricks of the trade - from managing unruly behaviour, to cutting corners when marking work - for the sake of the book you're about to read. Joy has picked one of the worst days to follow this pi$$ed off high school teacher.
Can Joy survive the day without wanting to kill someone, or will Rachel beat her to it?

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Andrew Mackay
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C.M. is giving away either 2 ebooks or 1 print book, winner’s choice.

Reborn (Book One)
by C.M. Gray
Do you believe in angels? What about angels with attitude?
Abigail Benson’s life could have ended when a car crash on a wet, deserted Southern California road leaves her injured, and barely conscious. Instead, a mysterious stranger keeps her awake until help arrives, before vanishing without a trace, leaving Abbie to wonder if she has a Guardian Angel watching over her.
When she meets the intriguing Beck, she quickly learns that not only are angels real, but so are demons, and her life is balanced precariously between the two; her Guardian Angel and soulmate, and the terrifying Silas whose demonic power can send her to an eternal hell of pain and torture.
As the age-old war between good and evil manifests in a battle for her life, nobody is safe until Abbie realizes her purpose, and the young lovers find themselves racing against time and fate in an ethereal love story that challenges the very meaning of life and death.
Where C.M.’s book is sold
Barnes and Noble

Reawakened (Book Two)
by C.M. Gray
Her life is being held in evil's grip.
Her survival relies on the wings of a Guardian.
Four months after he was banished to the demonic realm, Silas is back, and this time he has a score to settle. When Abbie suddenly disappears, Beck is in a race against time to find her, and pull her back from the demon's psychological and physical torture before it kills her.
As their ethereal love story becomes entangled in a frightening demonic reality, Beck has to draw on celestial energies to save both his soul mate, and his family of fellow Guardians.
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C.M. Gray

Make Money From Home Selling Your E-books: Secrets to fast and free book promotion inside! (Self Publishing Secrets 1)
by T. Buburuz
From the core principals of what makes a book successful, to what will have readers coming back for more, this book covers zero cost book promotion options to help you succeed in today’s ultra-competitive online marketplaces.

Updated in 2017, this book has been written primarily for self-published authors who have a limited marketing budget, and have their work distributed in digital format by a major online distributor such as Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Google Play Books, Smashwords, and others.

If this is you and you're trying to increase your market share in the digital book world while growing your readership, or if you are a person considering delving into the above, then this guide is for you. Even authors who have a healthy marketing budget can still benefit from the information in this helpful guide.

This book also contains over 50 top free promotional website URLs that offer free book promotion, many of which may be right for you. Please keep in mind that this book is not a magic bullet. You will need to work the steps in this guide in order to enjoy free and successful book promotions.
Where T. Buburuz’s book is sold
T. Buburuz


Return to Royalty, A Gexalatian Tale Series Book One
by E. Paige Burks
Nyx Estrella is a princess from Gexalatia, a world on the other side of a portal. Unfortunately, she has no idea. Sent to Lucky, Texas, when she was a baby to protect her from the evil King Paraximus, her biggest concerns are grades and seeing her friends. She has no idea that she possesses magical abilities and that her reality is about to become really strange.
Jet Lamia is a war prisoner, sent from Gexalatia by the queen, Liana Estrella, to bring Nyx back home to the kingdom of Ymber. The portal only opens on the winter solstice, so Jet finds himself trapped on Earth, trying to blend in. Fortunately, he has help in the form of the queen’s chosen assistant, Seth Alvar. But playing well with others has never been one of Jet’s talents.
It is a race against the clock to tell Nyx her true identity and try to train her, while also keeping her alive. Nyx and Jet struggle to defeat the assassins sent to kill them both, while trying not to kill each other. Can this duo put their differences aside and return to Gexalatia?
Where E. Paige's book is sold

E. Paige Burks

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