Write when you don’t feel like writing

Write as much as you can! Write when you don’t feel like writing. Sometimes that’s the only thing that will break down any roadblocks you might encounter. Also, share your writing and don’t be afraid to ask for critiques. We can never get better if we don’t first accept that we’re not perfect. If you think your writing sucks and should be hidden forever, you’re probably doing something right. People who tout about how great their writing is are usually not very good. Just remember to be humble when you receive praise and kind when you receive criticism.  

This writing tip comes from E. Paige Burks, author of Return to Royalty.

Return to Royalty
by E. Paige Burks
Return to Royalty is still in the productions phase. It will be sold through IngramSpark, where it will be featured on their homepage for a week, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.
E. Paige Burks