Author J.M. Fletcher

Jill Marie Fletcher was born in 1973 in Chicago, IL and grew up in Dolton, IL. She has attended the University of Maine Augusta and has taken Justice Studies and numerous upper level English and Literature classes.

At the age of sixteen, Jill began reading books in the romance genre. Johanna Lindsey is a favorite author of Jill's and one that she considers an inspiration. Jill also has a deep love for fantasy and is equally inspired by authors such as David Eddings, Glen Cook, George Martin, and others.

In 2006, Jill married her husband, James Fletcher, who is also the co-author of the series: A Chronicle of Rebirth The Magus, book 1. Together, they live in rural Maine with their two children and three dogs while working on their books.

What genre do you write and why did you choose it?
My husband who is my co-author and me write in the fantasy and romance genres. While I have read my fair share of fantasy books, my main interest even as a teenager was in historical romances. I've always longed to see more romance novels with a well-developed fantasy world, which is one of the reasons I love writing the series, A Chronicle of Rebirth. My husband on the other hand, lives and breathes fantasy, so between us both we combine the two genres and hence we have just published our first book together- The Magus. 

Your book or what you are currently working on.
Our first and most recent book is The Magus, which was published on 6/23/2017. However, we've already started on the first few chapters of Book 2.

Do you write with an outline?
Absolutely, My co-author and I are big fans of using OneNote by Microsoft to keep everything organized.

Over the years, what would you say has improved significantly in your writing?
I took a lot of upper level English and Literature classes which I feel has benefited my writing.

Who designs your book covers?
Ebook Launch did the book cover and formatting, they do wonderful work and are very professional. The custom book cover that they designed was able to capture the feel of the main characters, Nelina and Ru'ark. The formatting was perfect and had an excellent turnaround time.

How do you market yourself and your book?
Any way I can, I try to use social media and word of mouth and this is my first Author interview. I've also signed up with an Author profile at Goodreads.

Why do you write?
I write to tell stories and because I love doing it, especially with my co-author and husband, James, who is also my best friend. It's something that we share together that I find amazing.

How often do you write and what is your process?
I write about 6 out of 7 days a week. I'm not sure I have a process other than drinking lots of coffee while I write.

What writing advice can you give?
My advice is to stick with it and not to give up on it, especially if you have a love and passion for it.

Can you create a short writing prompt?
It shattered right in front of her, she blinked her eyes in disbelief.

The Magus
by J.M. Fletcher & J.P. Fletcher

Everyone had heard of the Magus of Danthamore, a powerful, dangerous, and ruthless man. Nelina, who was sold on the slaver's block by her unscrupulous uncle, now finds herself as the newest slave of the Magus. Finding that he is more than what he appears to be, Nelina follows her heart as the irresistible handsome Magus leads her into a world she had never dreamed existed.

Ru'ark who had become known as the Magus used the power he wielded with little regard for the people beyond his homeland of Aghadine and the waste. Finally, after years of diligently searching he has found the perfect vessel he needs -the voluptuous flaxen haired Nelina. He was expected to use her, betray her, and certainly not to love her.

J.M Fletcher