Save the Queen

You're a trained warrior and you've been kidnapped and are trapped in a dungeon. You have only three small items your captors overlooked. You need to use the three items to escape and save the Queen. How do you do it?

This writing prompt comes from R.A. McCandless.

Tears of Heaven 
by R.A. McCandless

People think they want to meet an angel, but they really don't. The awful truth is that meeting an angel is the scariest, most life-altering moment of any mortal's short existence. Del, hated angels. It didn't matter that she was half-angel herself. She was forced to obey an angel's commands or be destroyed. The only thing worse than angels were the demons that Del and her partner, Marrin, had to hunt down and banish back to Hell. When she's ordered to banish three demons, too much of a bad thing may be more than Del and Marrin can handle.

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R.A. McCandless