The worst birthday I ever had...

Write a two-page narrative beginning with the phrase "The worst birthday I ever had..."
Use tone/mood, simile/metaphor, sense details, and setting and character to generate a compelling story that draws the reader in.
What went wrong?
How did your birthday not meet your expectations?
What made that day terrible?
Did you learn anything or change in any way as a result of these experiences?

This writing prompt comes from Matt Nagin.

Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight
by Matt Nagin

This highly-accessible, dynamic collection offers existential ponderings, comic situations, poetic meditations on death, musical riffs, political commentary, striking imagery and more. The 45 poems in this collection represent a range of styles and subject matter. 18 of these poems were previously published in such journals as Antigonish Review, Grain Magazine, Dash, Arsenic Lobster, Dash, Spillway, The Charles Carter, Downtown Brooklyn, and many, many more. This debut collection of poetry from Matt Nagin is sure to, as the title suggests, comment on the way even the most delicate and majestic of us tend to be drawn, willy-nilly, towards the crooked moonlight.

Matt Nagin
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