What happens next?

A man walks into a bar. You're sitting at the bar. He walks up to you and spits in your drink. You don't know the man. What happens next?

This writing prompt was provided by Paul Howard.

Vagrants in Paradise

by Paul Howard

Vagrants in Paradise is a travel-humor narrative that chronicles the author's experience volunteering on three organic farms on the Big Island of Hawaii and the misadventures in between. The trip starts promising as friends Nate, Dalton, Manny, and Paul meet generous beachcombers and they settle into island life with grand plans. However, the first two farms end in comedic fashion, and they're faced with the challenges of their minimalist lifestyle. Tensions run high and pockets run ragged, all the while dealing with a brake-less van that almost kills them. In between farms they befriend multiple eccentric locals, find themselves in countless sticky situations, and do it all with the help of their not-so-trusty cargo van. Tsunamis, volcanoes, broken bones, celebrities, felons, wild boars, kind Vietnamese men, and much more create the fabric that is this one of a kind tale of youth and adventure.

Paul Howard