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Wanting something to achieve requires putting your heart into it and complement it with hard work and dedication as best as you can. That moment I’ve decided to follow my dream and produce my first book, I planned on how to achieve it. I devoted a year, learning about Creative Writing and how to write novels. I enrolled myself online and grabbed the opportunities of getting tutorials and courses before I started writing my first novel. Our technology nowadays made it too easy for us to learn anything that we could imagine. We just need to be resourceful and dedicate a time for it. Writing is my passion and I know I have many things to learn about it and I am still learning. It is an everyday process that a writer or an author should take considerably when writing. And if we write from the heart, words become flawless.

One thing I am very grateful about is there are so many authors and writers out there who are too eager to extend help and support. To sum it all, my advice is to plan accordingly, to organize and follow your schedules timely, be confident in our talent and above all, learn to connect to people who have the same interest as you are.

This writing tip comes from Cherry Seniel.

A Timeless Heartbeat
By Cherry Seniel

Two living souls who wish to rekindle a love—born from the past and reborn in the present. It was a love of a lifetime tested by time and age. But fate was elusive. The long days of waiting consumed her peace—it leads to a dark plan. Another soul can spark their flame of love in exchange for something she can never take back—her life. Death is not the end, in the name of love.

Mila opens her eyes and feels her heartbeat again. Thanks to her mysterious donor. Caught between life and death, a dream becomes her key. She knew that a lady gave her a second chance to live. But in return, she made her promise one thing—to find a guy she doesn’t know. The secret of the past is her only clue, but how to find him—she remains oblivious.

The dream can mean nothing—she starts to believe that until fate made its way to unveil the answers to her questions. Joshua’s penetrating gaze awakens a feeling that is new to her. Is it really a new spark? Or is it an old feeling, rooted deeply, waiting to be rekindled? She needs to lead her fate—to embrace the love from the past or to welcome Luke’s love in the present?

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